Lighting Solutions: How to Size and Hang a Chandelier

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Last Updated: September 15, 2023

Where can I hang a Chandelier?

Available in every decorative style, chandeliers add both presence and weight to a room. Whether hung above a dining room or kitchen table, or used as general lighting in foyers, powder rooms, bedrooms, etc., they bring the glow of candlelight to any setting. We offer many ways to find a chandelier that distinguishes your style.

What size chandelier?

The size of the chandelier depends on both the size of the room and the size of the table. To determine the size of a chandelier for a dining room based on the room size, add the length and width of the room in feet and substitute inches for feet, giving you the width of an appropriately-sized chandelier for the room. (A 10’x13′ dining room, for example, would take approximately a 23″ wide fixture.) For determining the size of a chandelier based on your table size, the chandelier should be at least 12″ smaller in width than the width of the dining table. The perfect chandelier will be a happy medium between these two measurements. Hanging fixtures can be smaller in scale when used in hallways and other rooms for general lighting.

How high above a table should a chandelier be?

Below a diagram for placement of chandeliers. In dining rooms with 8′ ceilings, hang chandeliers about 30″ above the table. (Add 3″ for each foot of ceiling height over 8′.) Remember to order extra chain for higher ceilings.

Learn how to hang your chandelier over your dining table

How much wattage?

Most people don’t realize that the wattage maximum of a chandelier is determined not only by the wattage listed on the socket, but also by the chandelier shades used on it! If the wattage differs between your shade and your socket, always go with the lower wattage. Smaller shades limit maximum wattage. The mood and intensity of a chandelier is best controlled by a dimmer.

Do I need Chandelier Shades?

Chandelier shades can dramatically change the look and style of your chandelier. While they are not necessary, they do reduce glare and help to direct light down where needed. Keep in mind that chandelier shades will add 2″ to 4″ to the total width of the chandelier.

Anatomy of a Chandelier

Anatomy of a Chandelier

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