Global Grandeur

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Last Updated: December 28, 2022

A flawless marriage of luxury and comfort is the defining feature of our Global Grandeur décor. This look embraces current trends that bring sophisticated and refined ambiance to tried-and-true home design styles. For trendsetters drawn to rustic and modern farmhouse looks, this space is an opulent upgrade, featuring all the natural elements of farmhouse décor but crafted to moody perfection with a rich, dark color palette, lots of wood and raw metal, and statement-making fixtures and accent furniture. 

The primarily black, white, and neutral colors create a backdrop that is perfectly poised for pops of on-trend color in terracotta, deep blush, and rust. Gold notes in accent décor and lighting fixtures add subtle indulgence and draw the room together for a beautifully balanced finish.

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Global Grandeur

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