All Floor Lamps

Floor lamps provide versatile portable lighting. They can be placed almost anywhere without concern for an open table surface. When selecting the right floor lamp, consider whether you are looking for overall ambient lighting in the room or whether you really need some additional task lighting for work or reading. A shaded floor lamp or torchiere light will provide overall illumination. This should be all you need for general ambient nighttime mood lighting.  If you need addition task lighting, you should consider an adjustable floor lamp.  A floor lamp with adjustable height or adjustable lever arm would give you better focused light control. LED or spot light designs are great for task lighting. Team an accent chair with a tray table floor lamp to give you a surface to keep books, glasses and such within reach and you have created a tiny reading oasis for yourself! Your next consideration will be styling, finishes, and whether you are creating a focal point or supporting role with this floor lamp. For stand out styling, we offer unique themed lamps with restoration style industrial pipe, nautical or coastal inspired, rustic lodge and farmhouse style designs. For a modern approach, you may select from arc, tripod or minimalist spotlight designs in sleek chrome, glass or stone finishes. A more traditional setting could include a classic pharmacy lamp, carved wood, or baluster design with a decorative shade to complement the room. We even have outdoor floor lamps for your porch or patio to enable you to enjoy just a little more of your great outdoors!

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