Bathroom Sconces

If you know lighting, then you know that the perfect wall sconce is a beautiful thing. And that goes for bathroom sconces as well, that extra layer of lighting makes such a difference in bathrooms. Sconces can be a great alternative to vanity lighting as they provide stylish tasking lighting near eye level. Our bath sconce designs cover all the designer styles from sleek clean modern looks in metals such as polished nickel and brushed nickel to traditional historical recreations in rustic iron and antique brass. With one light and two light options, you should be able to find the perfect fixture with just the right amount of light. For even more light directly over the mirror, you can also consider bathroom vanity lights which range from 2 lights up to 4 lights or more.

Browse our unique collection of bath sconces and find the one that Distinguishes Your Style! Whether you’re looking to create a glamorous bath of glass and crystal or going for a mid-century look, we have curated a collection with something for you. Want to keep things clean, simple and stylish? Consider our coordinating bath collections. These bath sconces come with coordinating ceiling lights and bath strips to help you coordinate your look so that you can put together a stunning bathroom.

Where to hang your bath sconces? Use the following general rule of thumb to determine at what height to hang your sconces: hang the bath sconce so that the bottom of the "shade" is at the user's eye level, usually around 65” to 70” from the floor.

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