Consoles, Buffets and Sideboards

Console tables and buffet tables are valued as much for their practical necessities as for the aesthetic opportunities they afford us. Sure, we need something to hold ours keys and maybe a little extra storage from time to time, but more often than not what we really need is something to visually hold our attention by adding a little extra pizzazz to the room. Shades of Light’s accent tables excel at this. From the foyer to the living room and places in between, these slim tables make themselves at home.  Consoles, buffets and sideboards are perfect for behind a sofa or in a hallway to set a table lamp on to add a little extra task or ambient lighting to a room, but perhaps more importantly they give you a platform upon which to personalize your home with family pictures and prized decorative accent pieces. When you are staring at a boring, blank space, think console table and your solution will be at hand! Sideboards, buffet tables and credenzas give you these same opportunities in the dining room. Never miss out on a chance to distinguish your style!

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