Illuminate your home office with desk lamps and desk lights. Not only does a desk lamp provide necessary task lighting, but it also reflects your personality and style while complementing the surrounding room. Ideally, a desk lamp positions the bottom of the lamp shade below the user's eye level and provides ample light across the work surface. An adjustable arm, gooseneck, or angled shade will allow more flexibility to direct light where you need it. Recommended light for reading is at least 60 watts for people under 30, while people over 60 benefit from 100 to 150 watts of light ( 40 to 50 watts halogen, 20 watts of fluorescent, or 100 watt LED). Our selection of desk lamps cover many themes, from equestrian, with a sculptural horse head, to industrial with lamps built from gears and pipes. Styles range from high tech LED lamps to vintage hobnail vases, and glamorous designs with marble, mirrors and chrome to whimsical bases with stacked coffee cups, clutter control buckets and colorful Foo dogs. Whatever your style, we have a desk lamp to define your work space.

Did you know that desk lamp lighting can be layered with other light sources like floor lamps and ceiling lights to create even illumination? Find tips for home office table lamp styling and placement in our table lamps buying guide.

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