When you have work to do at home, creating a productive home office space is essential. A desk is a key piece of home office furniture, comprising the surface where you complete your daily tasks. Our selection of desks is attractive but functional and can bring a touch of distinguished style to your workspace. Find a range of modern, farmhouse, and rustic desks choices, including desks with drawers and desks with built-in shelves. We recommend taking note of the dimensions of desk surfaces when shopping for a work from home desk so you can be sure your computer monitor, laptop, and other work supplies will fit comfortably.


Position is one of the first considerations to make when choosing a desk for your home work space. One of the best ways to decide on desk position is to think about the purpose of the work desk or work table you intend to add to your room. If the desk’s main purpose is professional or academic, choosing a position with adequate lighting but minimal distractions will be key; consider placing your desk near a window but facing away from the window to minimize distraction, or choose an office desk lamp that can take the place of window light. If the desk will serve as a craft work table, a window-facing placement may be more appropriate as the natural lighting and view of the outdoors can add to the relaxation of your hobby! Explore our selection of desk styles, including wood desks, nautical desks and metal frame desks, to find your ideal work surface. Once you’ve chosen your desk, browse our desk chairs to find a comfortable spot to sit.

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