What Patterns Go With Floral? 

You may be surprised to learn that floral patterns can mix well with other patterns, like chevron and geometric motifs, if you keep a few key design points in mind. When mixing patterns and colors with your floral rug, you should consider the decor items you want to group near your rug, the color intensity and size of your rug pattern and the patterns contained within your companion pieces’ designs. For example, you may want to coordinate the flowers in your rug with a patterned lamp shade and patterned couch pillows. If your rug is bold with large statement flowers in pink, red and orange, you may choose smaller patterned throw pillows that pull in one of these colors—like light pink—at about half intensity, then finish off the grouping with a textured linen lampshade in a softer neutral color. Similarly, a floral rug in a light blue with smaller flowers could be placed in a grouping with a bold geometric patterned armchair and a colorful coffee table for a more whimsical look. For living room ideas and other design inspiration that can help you style your floral rug, visit our home decor blog. 

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