Flush Mount Chandeliers for Low Ceilings

Everyone loves the look of a chandelier but not every room has the ceiling height necessary for a full length chandelier. The solution, flush mount chandeliers specifically designed (or easily adaptable) to go on low ceilings! We have curated a collection of small chandeliers, elegant ceiling lights, and ceiling lanterns that are great lights for low ceilings. These may be short, snug-close-to-the ceiling chandeliers but they are not short on style. A great option for many foyer entrance ways, where you want something eye-catching to great your guests but where you may not have the high ceiling heights necessary for a typical sized chandelier or lantern.

Our selection of low ceiling lighting covers styles including traditional, rustic, modern and many more. Many of our flush mount chandeliers designed for 8 foot ceiling heights are also convertible to hanging fixtures with chain provided to offer additional flexibility. And for those rooms where a chandelier look is not desired but you still want something that hangs close to the ceiling  but with lots of style, take a look at our extensive collection of flush mount ceiling lights.

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