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What is a Globe Pendant Light?

Globe pendant lights are a style of hanging light that encloses a lightbulb within an elegant sphere, often—but not always—made of glass. At Shades of Light, you will find a selection of traditional clear glass styles as well as creative twists on this classic favorite, including colorful hand-blown glass globes and rustic globes in twig, rope and metal finishes. When selecting the right globe pendant for your lighting needs, be sure to consult the pendant’s product description and specifications. Depending on the style of globe pendant you choose, your pendant light bulb choice will vary, but most of our globe pendants have a maximum bulb wattage of 40-60 watts. You may also find it necessary to remove the globe from your pendant for cleaning or other maintenance; for this reason, many of our styles can be disassembled to clean inside the glass.

For more tips and advice on choosing the best pendant light for your kitchen, foyer, patio, or other space, be sure to review our pendant lighting guide!

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