Hallway Rugs & Runner Rugs

Rug runners, these long, slender area rugs add so much to a home. They add texture, color and warmth to a space. They greet you at the door and can escort you throughout the home by leading your eye onward often tying multiple decorating schemes together giving a home a warm harmonized feeling. Rug runners are a very practical choice for protecting wood floors in high traffic areas as well as a very sound choice for reducing noise levels in your space. Runners are excellent at reducing the foot noises coming from long hallways, upstairs as well as downstairs. Other long narrow space where rug runners can be a great decorating choice: narrow bathrooms with double vanity sinks and kitchens on either side of a center island or by the sink. Runners can be an ideal way to enhance these rooms. 

We have a fine selection of runners in many of our most popular rugs from our traditional European hand knotted rugs to our natural Sisal rugs. Our high performance indoor/outdoor runners are a great choice for high traffic areas especially for those who live in the colder regions that foster sloppy, wet, winter weather.

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