Industrial Inspired Style

Here at Shades of Light we make it easy for you to find unique pieces that will make your space “sing” by designing products that embrace the authenticity and spirit of top trends. Are you looking for that special industrial style pendant or bath light? Or, perhaps you would like an industrial restoration look for your kitchen or even an industrial sconce for your foyer? If so, you are in the right place. 

The industrial chic look is not just a metropolitan urban look. It is for both coasts and everything in between. In your urban city neighborhoods and in the country, the past has become fashion-forward, but there is still a respect for the past. Industrial chic is a comforting look with deep roots in nostalgia. Rough and rusty metals soothe our modern tensions by reconnecting us to the past while vintage looks remind us of simpler times. Why has this trend become so universally popular? Well that is simple, because it is relaxed, authentic, and un-intimidating. So how do you make your space stand out among the rest while still embracing this trendy style? Shop here and you will see the answer is with unique and unexpected details. Enjoy shopping this mixture of industrial style lighting and chic industrial furniture. 

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