Large Pendants & Oversized Pendant Lights

Pendants: Large 16 inches or more

We have gathered together our large pendant lights and oversized pendant lights that are a minimum of 16 inches wide or wider…. some much wider! When you get into this size of pendant, the defining lines between pendants and chandeliers blur a bit as these extra-large pendants are really showpieces! These fixtures are not merely for illumination; they also serve as decorative pieces in the room. At Shades of Light, our assortment enables you to make the statement you want made in your home. Here you will find large modern and contemporary pendant lighting and over-sized industrial pendant lights. With various extra-large styles, including large glass pendant lights and oversized globe pendant lights, Shades of Light has everything you need to walk the line between pendant and chandelier. Whether you are rooted in traditional design or standing on the cutting edge, we have the large pendant lighting you need to Distinguish your Style.

Unsure which size pendant light is right for your space? Learn how to size your pendant lights according to your ceiling height in our pendant lighting guide!

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