Thin & Frameless Mirrors for Effortless Minimal Style

Minimalist design is all about selecting high-quality pieces with subtle style that work seamlessly in a space without calling too much attention to themselves. Minimalist mirrors are no exception! Whereas maximalist interior design would include unusual shape mirrors or mirrors with prominent frames in unexpected colors, materials, or motifs, a minimalist mirror is thin framed or even frameless. Blending effortlessly into the wall space where it is mounted, a minimalist mirror feels as if it was a part of the room from the very beginning. Our selection of minimalist mirrors includes full length, vanity, and tabletop styles to fit your functional needs and come in square, rectangle, circle, and oval designs. Need some inspiration to decide which room you want to outfit with minimalist mirrors? Consult our mirror placement and style guide for bedroom, bathroom, living room, and more mirror advice.

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