Styling a Modern Ceiling Fan

Styling a modern ceiling fan is easy when you determine which modern and contemporary design elements you want to celebrate in your living space. If you can’t get enough of the geometric motifs of mid-century modern design, you’ll find aviator-style fan blades, twisted fan blades and tapered fan blades to suit your taste. If abstract and avant-garde shapes are more your style, we have modernist ceiling fan designs that will dazzle your creative eye. If you also want your ceiling fan to serve as a ceiling light fixture, you’ll find many of our ceiling fans have lights as well, including energy-saving LED bulbs. Because the cutting-edge of interior design is always changing, the definition of contemporary interiors may change depending on who you ask! At Shades of Light, our modern ceiling fan collection is curated with this expansive concept in mind, showcasing styles that refresh the air in your rooms and provide extra cooling while incorporating the latest innovation in ceiling fan blade design. 

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