It’s an exhilarating task to embrace a style that is constantly trying to push the envelope and expand possibilities! Lighting has always been one of the key ingredients in modern contemporary style with showpiece modern chandeliers frequently taking center stage. At Shades of Light, we are thrilled to surf on the cutting edge of modern design by offering a collection of chandeliers made of unique materials and sophisticated cutting-edge finishes. With a wide variety of modern geometric chandeliers, including circular, rectangular and diamond shapes, orb and glass sphere chandeliers and the ever-popular drum shade chandeliers, we have taken these popular designs and curated a collection that pushes modern and contemporary chandeliers even further, to new heights.


We appreciate the fact that the pursuit of a modern and contemporary lighting concept means different things to different people. We embrace the expansive open concept and love the fact that great modern and contemporary style draws bits and pieces from varied influences and materials, such as glass, wood, iron and gold leaf. We appreciate that for some, the globe light shades, gold and silver hardware, and bold lines of mid-century modern style is definition of a contemporary chandelier; while for others modern style chandeliers may mean a more minimalist approach, letting negative space, clear-covered or exposed lights, and simple shapes like squares and rectangles create a sleek statement. Whatever your definition, we have collected today’s finest mid-century modern chandeliers, including modern crystal chandeliers, black chandeliers, Sputnik chandeliers, clear glass globe chandeliers and minimalist chandeliers.

Our modern and contemporary chandeliers are and always will be curated to complement bold and sophisticated approaches to modern design. Now it’s up to you! Replacing an old chandelier with a fresh new modern light can update your lighting design in an instant. Visit our blog for more room-based guides to help you in your modern chandelier choice, including our dining room chandelier ideas and living room chandeliers style guide.

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