Outdoor Wall Lights & Wall Lanterns

When selecting a new outdoor wall light, you should consider the direction your new fixture will cast light. Open bottom light fixtures are better for down lighting an area while a glass-topped lantern is the better choice for accenting architectural elements above and around a door. Wall-mounted outdoor fixtures with arms or brackets can fit into tighter spots including areas between mouldings. Our wall lighting fixtures are made form durable cast aluminium with severe weather finishes, handmade copper, cast iron, brass, brushed steel, seeded glass, and more. 

Here are a few recommendations when deciding where to place these fixtures: Your electrical box for your exterior wall lights should be placed so that the top of the fixture is 20% lower than the top of the moulding. Remember to allow for the side door moulding as well. You can also browse our other types of outdoor lighting like outdoor ceiling lights & outdoor hanging lanterns.

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