Round Mirrors: Alternative to Square & Rectangle Frames

Round mirrors, including circle and oval shape mirrors, add a touch of subtle sweetness when they are mounted above a bathroom vanity or affixed to a wall space. Whereas the sharp corners of a traditional rectangle or square mirror echo the architectural angles and lines of most rooms, the lack of corners on round mirrors produces a contrasting softness that is pleasing to the eye. Light reflects beautifully off of round mirrors to not only brighten up your space but also enhance the elegance of the area surrounding the mirror. Our selection of round mirrors includes a variety of styles that will work well with most design aesthetics. Round mirrors can be minimalist with thin frames (or even frameless!). They come in shiny metallic finishes that pair well in mid-century and modern rooms or distressed metallic finishes that work well in industrial and rustic spaces. You’ll find natural material round mirrors with wooden and woven frames that fit in farmhouse designs or nautical coastal style rooms. Still need some help figuring out where to place a circle mirror? Check out our mirror hanging guide!   

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