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Natural Fiber Rugs | Sisal, Seagrass and Jute Rugs

Natural sisal, seagrass, jute, and sisal-like wool area rugs continue to be a sophisticated staple for flooring in many design projects. Ask any home decorator and they’ll tell you that sisal and seagrass rugs are a practical and affordable flooring choice for homes as well as office spaces. On hard wood flooring consider using sisal rugs as a great way to help protect your floors and keep the color of natural wood. Sisals work great under your tables in kitchen and dining rooms as sisal fibers are resistant to most stains. Sisal area rugs also look great in fully carpeted rooms as a way to pull together any living space. Anyone prone to suffering from allergies should consider this type of natural area rug. These natural area rugs greatly reduce allergens in the air and are easy to clean and maintain. These eco-friendly natural rugs have minimal maintenance and only require a light sweeping or shaking since neither material absorbs dirt. Natural fiber rugs are not made to hold up in wet conditions, such as outside. 
Sisal is a fiber derived from the leaves of the agave, a cactus-like plant. So while nature provides the basic texture and color, at Shades of Light we have embellished it and developed a fine collection of natural area rugs that will distinguish your lifestyle. Our collection starts with our classic cotton twill bordered sisal rugs. Our bordered sisal rugs start with the purest, high-quality sisal fibers which are then embellished with generous borders in designer favorite colors such as black, denim navy, red, green, wheat or chocolate; fashion colors include spa blue, lime, coral, mustard yellow, nutmeg and paprika. Seagrass rugs are strong and will withstand heavy traffic. Seagrass rugs are stain-resistant and dirt is easily brushed loose from them. Seagrass is collected from a tall plant having grass-like stems that thrive in salt marsh wetlands. Seagrass area rugs are relatively non-absorbent and hard. Seagrass area rugs have a non-porous surface that gives it a naturally smooth texture and sheen quality. Because it is rigid, it gives it natural durability. Seagrass rugs complement a low dust & allergy free environment. Since Seagrass is raised in the water it takes to water much better than sisal. Most carpet cleaners can be used on it. The wet spot will stay for a while, but as it dries it slowly disappears. Our popular seagrass is a basketweave design. 
Included in our sisal weave selection is a wool sisal weave with surged finish or twill borders. Sisal area rugs are anti-static, flame retardant and sound absorbing, making them ideal for playrooms. Sisal yarns have a textured, slightly coarse feel to the touch. Sisal rugs are very tough, a great option for entryways, living rooms and other high-traffic areas. Sisal area rugs are also anti-static, flame retardant and sound absorbing, making them ideal for playrooms. 
In addition we have taken sisal back to its roots, the outdoors. Our indoor/outdoor “sisal” area rugs (made from olefin fibers for outdoors) are specifically designed with border fabrics such as Sunbrella for your outdoor areas. Extra durable, confidently use these indoor/outdoor sisal look-alike area rugs in high traffic areas such as kitchens, hallways, great rooms and covered porches. Our size selection is extensive and includes rectangles, squares and runners. 
Jute rugs tend to be more beige and brown in color (sisal rugs are cream-colored or off-white). Jute rugs have a natural color variation once woven that makes each rug distinctly different. Jute rugs feature smooth, soft fibers with a waxy sheen that resemble hemp or flax, so they are soft for sensitive feet. Jute rugs are eco-friendly because they are biodegradable and a renewable resource. Jute rugs, although much more durable than synthetic rugs, do not withstand high-traffic areas as well as sisal and are better suited for dining rooms and bedrooms. Jute rugs tend to be less expensive than the more durable sisal rug. 

Sisals and natural fiber rugs combine so easy with other textures, they are often used as the foundation upon which animal skins rugs and other decorative wool rugs are layered for fashion forward decors. Using sustainable materials such as sisal and sea grass not only creates a cozy, healthy, organic environment in your own home but you will also be helping to support a world where beauty and an eco-friendly way of life are both achievable and sustainable.

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