Storage & Space Saver Floor Lamps

Good things come in small packages, and that is a good thing because sometimes you absolutely need to squeeze a floor into a very tight space. Here is a collection of storage and space saver floor lamps that have mastered the art of putting great lighting into small places. Layering your lighting is so very important and having great task lighting like a floor lamp is essential. This category contains space saving floor lamps specifically designed for tight quarters. These floor lamps have a knack for being in just the right place without being in the way. Our Arc floor lamps are so versatile in close spaces; while our table floor lamps make a home for themselves by multi-tasking. Our Modern Crane LED Task floor lamp is so sleek it almost disappears into a space and yet it delivers powerful well directed light just where you need it. All this practicality, and yet these floor lamps come with all the high fashion you have come to expect from Shades of Light. Brass, bronze, nickel, aged steel, and chrome; we have you covered.

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