Soft & Plush Rugs | Shag, Wool & Flokati Rugs

Plush rugs are the luxurious cozy rugs that your feet just sink into. They beckon you to lie down by a roaring fire and sink into their cushy construction. Their construction is what creates the soft velvet-like texture. The process is called tufting where the looped ends of the carpet's fibers are evenly sheared off during manufacturing and twisted in the same direction to make the carpet perfectly flat, like finely manicured grass. This process gives plush carpet its luxurious, rich look. 
Also known as cut-pile carpet, these rugs can be made from wool, nylon, rayon (viscose), silk, or bamboo. Some of the finest plush rugs are made from New Zealand wool, which is softer and more durable than other wool and has natural stain resistance. Sometimes these rugs have a cut pile and loop combination, high low cut pattern, or carved construction giving them textural interest. They can be ribbed like corduroy, sculpted like artwork, shimmery like silk, or sheered to an allover level height. 

New tufted rugs tend to shed a little at first and can show footprints but vacuuming easily takes care of these. These soft and silky rugs are unsurpassed for beauty and elegance.

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