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Choosing a Solid Color Rug 

Choosing a solid color rug for your living space is a great idea for building your room decor from the ground up. When deciding which color rug to make the centerpiece of your room, it’s a good idea to consider the atmosphere you want to evoke in a room. You can ask yourself not only, “How do I want this room to feel?” but also, “Who will be using this room and how often?” For more intimate spaces, richly colored rugs, like deep red, grey and brown, are great options, while lighter color rugs, like light blue, green, and pink, can make small spaces appear larger. Cool muted colors like light grey, light blue, light brown and beige rugs can help to create a sense of calm and relaxation. And to keep high traffic rooms where children or animals might play looking fresh and clean, it is a good idea to consider a darker rug that will show less dirt and wear over time. Looking for a rug to tie together your patio or terrace? Shop our outdoor rugs to distinguish your exterior style. 

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