Striped Rugs

Striped area rugs are versatile, practical, stylish, fun and empowering. Since stripes mix beautifully with solids, florals, and other patterns, striped area rugs are a great way to get that "decorator" look into your home. The versatility of stripes can be demonstrated by the fact that striped rugs can range from classic traditional to modern contemporary designs. We have striped area rugs that range from subtle understated and elegant to those big, bold, bright striped area rugs that absolutely command attention. So whether you are looking for an area rug that is toned down or fired up, we have the rug for you. How do rugs with stripes empower you? Use a striped area rug cleverly and you will have the ability to reshape a room. A striped area rug enables you to visually manipulate the way your space is perceived. Brightly colored vertical stripes give energy to a room. Horizontally stripes can be used to either draw attention towards or away from elements in a room. You are in control: highlight the positive, hide the negative. For an example of how a striped rug enables you to reshape the look of a room, try laying a striped area rug parallel to a sofa and see how much larger it will make your living room or den look and feel. We have a wide variety of striped rugs, narrow, broad and gradated stripes. Shop here for rugs that have bold strong bold colors as well as subtle tone-on-tone stripes. Depending on the colors and type of the stripes a striped rugs can add a crisp, clean look to a room. Striped rugs are mainstays in designing a nautical, beach or coastal chic look. 

Do you want to create a dramatic look: try using a striped runner up your stairs! So if you would like to give a striped rug a try look here. We have stripes in virtually every color: blue stripes, red stripes, green stripes, yellow, purple and turquoise. We have earth tones and bright colors. Great for high traffic areas and kids rooms, striped are great for hiding every day wear and stains. 

Our striped area rugs come in wool, cotton, jute as well as indoor outdoor types whether you are looking for living room, den, bedroom or foyer, distinguish your lifestyle with one our striped rugs. 

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