What is Traditional Style?

Traditional style is a design aesthetic that embraces cohesion, calm and order. When you enter a traditional room, you may be struck by the sense that everything is “in its place.” This effect is achieved through a thoughtful use of warm colors, symmetrical lines and matching pieces, such as pairs of chairs, lamps and symmetrical wall sconces. At Shades of Light, we’ve curated a collection of traditional lighting, furniture and home decor options so you can create an inviting sense of familiarity in the rooms where you and your guests spend most of your time. Our collection includes a wide variety of sophisticated traditional chandeliers, pendant lights, ceiling lights and lamps in understated but familiar materials like silver, bronze, glass and crystal. You’ll also find traditional furniture options to help create a homey feeling, including tufted ottomans, wooden indoor benches with upholstered seats, and cozy armchairs. For an elegant take on traditional style, consult the luxury interior design insights in our upscale traditional design guide. 

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