Traditional & Transitional Lanterns: Vintage, Classic and Colonial-Inspired Styles 

One of the most beloved aspects of a hanging lantern light fixture is its connection to tradition. Traditional and transitional style lantern lights pay homage to the designs of earlier centuries when candles enclosed in glass and metal frames lit the way at night in the absence of electricity. These days, the candle light is replaced with electric light, but designs still call to mind classic colonial and vintage aesthetics. You can find multi-light lantern fixtures with candle-shaped bulbs and black iron frames—open or enclosed in glass—to recreate a historical feel. If you enjoy the elements of traditional design but are looking for a more modern shape or finish to coordinate with your contemporary style room, transitional lanterns are also a great choice! In our collection, you will find drum-shaped lanterns, Edison bulb fixtures, and more twists on tradition that will satisfy your love of old and new. Need a little help narrowing down hanging lanterns that match your style and taste? Consult our lantern light fixtures buying guide for style, placement, and bulb selection advice! For more light fixtures that blend old and new in unexpected ways, check out our steampunk style collection.

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