Unique Mirror Shapes: Unusual & Unexpected Styles

Mirrors can be one of your most unexpectedly stylish wall decor elements. Unusual shape mirrors have a “wow factor” that can make them the aesthetic anchor of any wall on which they’re placed. Quatrefoil mirrors defy expectations by incorporating both corners and round edges, making them a cool combination of a rectangle mirror and a round mirror. Hexagonal and octagonal mirrors add modern panache to traditional horizontal and vertical mirror shapes, while scalloped and curved silhouette mirrors evoke antique-inspired romance. Much like a piece of contemporary art, an unusual shape mirror not only serves the purpose of showing you your reflection; it is an abstract reflection of your style that captivates the eye. There is no limit to the rooms in which a unique shaped mirror can fit. From a modern bathroom vanity to dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices, the only rule we suggest is placing it somewhere where you will see it often and fall in love with it time and again! Need a little help deciding where to place your avant-garde unusual shape mirror? Take a look at our mirror hanging mirror placement guide.   

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