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The vanity lighting standard keeps getting raised! Every year bathroom design receives more and more attention resulting in the creation of some of the most beautiful bathrooms ever. Our standard for excellence in stylish bathroom lighting design continues to increase and as in most interior design projects, the main light source, as well as accent lighting, is critical to a successful design. As a rule of thumb, quality bathroom vanity lighting needs to balance the need for both good ambient light (general fill-in lighting for visual comfort) and for ample task lighting (adequate lighting for grooming hair, applying make-up, and shaving in the vanity mirror). Over-the-mirror vanity light bars remain one of the mainstays in a successful bathroom lighting package. And for some good news: one of the quickest, easiest and most cost effective ways of updating a bathroom is to update the existing vanity bath bar with some new unique vanity lighting. Visually, these bath lights tend to be the general focal point of the room and hard to miss; therefore, you get maximum credit for the change since everyone will notice the refresh. If it has been a while since you shopped for new bathroom lighting fixtures, or if you’re browsing online for the first time, you may be surprised at the wide variety of stunning modern vanity lighting designs that are out there!

To find the best bathroom mirror lights with high quality and high style, look no further.  Shades of Light has curated for you a collection of fixtures, from traditional bath bars and strips to adventurous cage, globe, and shaded options, designed to Distinguish your Style. and our vanity light strips for a classic fixture choice and our unique vanity lighting options for everything in between!

Frequently Asked Questions About Vanity Lights

Before you choose a fixture, consider these frequently-asked questions. You can also consult our guide on How to Find the Best Bathroom Vanity Lighting, which has even more detail, such as a guide to shapes and finishes and tips on coordinating your light fixture and mirror choices.

Are Vanity Lights the Only Type of Bathroom Light?

No—they are just one element of layered bathroom lighting! They are considered task lights, because they illuminate the mirror for grooming. Ambient lighting in bathrooms can come from bathroom ceiling lights or hanging lights such as a bathroom chandelier. In some bathrooms, vanity fixtures may be designed to also function as decorative lights, with an avant-garde fixture design or a beautiful, exposed vanity light bulb.

How Many Vanity Light Bulbs Do I Need?

The number of light bulbs needed in your fixture will depend on the size of the vanity mirror and the overall bathroom light lumens needed in your space. As a rule of thumb, we recommend at least 70 lumens per square foot in a bathroom. Explore our 2-light vanity fixtures for a simplistic design great for half baths, our 3-light vanity fixtures for ample illumination in a mid-sized bathroom, and our 4-to-6 light vanity fixtures for a light source in larger master baths. If your bathroom has a double vanity, you can also choose to mount two fixtures, one over each sink and mirror. 

Should Vanity Lights Be Up or Down?

The most traditional placement for a vanity light fixture is hanging horizontally above the vanity mirror. However, narrower mirrors can often be lit vertically, with two bathroom sconces hanging about 28” apart on either side. When choosing vertical vs. horizontal vanity lighting, your main goal should be to light the face evenly and eliminate any shadows that might get in the way of your mirror tasks.

What is the Best Light for Makeup?

Natural daylight is the best makeup lighting, so take advantage of windows and skylights when possible. If that is not possible in your space, or you want an alternative for makeup application at different times of day, LED fixtures or vanity bulbs without any colored tint is the next best option.

Cosmetologists will most often source professional-grade makeup lighting, including makeup mirrors with light bulbs embedded into the mirror. While we do not carry professional-grade makeup lighting in our collection, daily makeup wearers and makeup hobbyists can find what they need on our site!  

Where Can I find Energy-Efficient LED Vanity Lights?

If energy-efficient lighting in your vanity area is your top priority, consider a fixture with easily interchangeable bulbs. With the quick addition of an LED light bulb, most of our fixtures can become LED vanity lights. Simply consult the product’s maximum wattage and bulb fitting details, available in the product’s description, to find the right bathroom light bulb for your fixture. You may also want to browse our collection of bath strips with built-in LEDs.

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