Conventional (Flat) Ceiling
Ceiling Height Recommended Downrod
8 ft Ceiling No Downrod
9 ft Ceiling 6-inch Downrod
10 ft Ceiling 12-inch Downrod
11 ft Ceiling 18-inch Downrod
12 ft Ceiling 24-inch Downrod
13 ft Ceiling 36-inch Downrod
14 ft Ceiling 36-inch Downrod
15 ft Ceiling 48-inch Downrod
16 ft Ceiling 48-inch Downrod
18 ft Ceiling 60-inch Downrod
20 ft Ceiling 72-inch Downrod
Sloped Ceiling
Pitch (Rise/Run) Minimum Downrod
1/12 Standard
2/12 6-inch Downrod
3/12 12-inch Downrod
4/12 12-inch Downrod
5/12 18-inch Downrod
6/12 18-inch Downrod
7/12 24-inch Downrod
8/12 24-inch Downrod
>8/12 34-inch Downrod
Ideal distance from floor to fan blade is 7-9 ft. Fans with metal blades should be installed at 10 ft.

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