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Adequate lighting is crucial for bathroom vanity areas, so it is important to consider your options when selecting bath lighting. When lighting the vanity area, you can choose to mount your lighting over the mirror or beside the mirror. You do not need to rely on just an overhead ceiling light to provide light for the vanity because your head will cast a shadow on the mirror.

  • Bathroom Vanity Lighting is an important design consideration as it needs to provided task lighting and compliment your style. Bathroom lighting comes in two configurations: a single strip with bulbs hidden underneath or as individual lights attached to a central backplate.
  • The number of bulbs can vary from 1-6 depending on the length of the vanity and the light needed.
  • Generally, you would not have the vanity light any wider than the mirror. Several of our vanity strip lights can be mounted horizontally over the mirror or vertically beside the mirror with varied lengths and number of bulbs.
  • The type of shades varies from frosted to clear glass, fabric to sparkling crystals or minimalist bare bulbs.

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