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Hanging Lanterns

Lanterns are beautiful, versatile and available in many diverse styles. Today, lanterns are finding their place in many rooms throughout the house. There is no single object that seems to distinguish the decorative tone of a room quite like a beautiful hanging light. Consider using a hanging lantern when a chandelier would simply be too large for the space. A lantern gives you a look that rests somewhere between a pendant and a chandelier. Smaller decorative lanterns are a great choice for powder rooms, while large lanterns work well in foyers. Additionally, lanterns are a great choice for so many rooms that are in need of an unexpected feature to catch the eye and give that finishing touch to a room. For example, lanterns just might be the perfect light over kitchen islands! In a kitchen, a pair (or if the space is large enough for a series of three or more) of hanging lanterns over your kitchen island will provide drama as well as highly effective task lighting. Lanterns with multiple candle lights give a refined sparkling effect that is often a more desirable lighting effect than that which you get from a one light fixture. Note, these can sometimes produce glare at higher wattages. Whether used as an indoor light or as an outdoor light, a hanging lantern gives you the flexibility to place your light at just the right height. When using a series of hanging lanterns (or ceiling lights) down hallways, we recommend placing one light fixture every ten feet & using a dimmer to allow you the ability to adjust the light level. You can also use  a vintage Edison style bulb for a different look. 

Let Shades of Light distinguish your style. Our hanging lantern styles bridge the gamut from traditional to contemporary with hanging lanterns that complement modern, mid-century, craftsman, minimalist, and contemporary. We have nautical & beach looks as well as the distressed shabby chic lantern designs. Whether your style is best defined as whimsical or traditional, you will find the perfect lantern here. Our hanging lanterns can enhance the look of your home, farmhouse, industrial lofts, or something in-between.

Need help deciding where to place your lantern or how to find the lantern that fits your personal style? Consult our lantern design guide for ideas and advice!

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