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Mirrors are home decor magicians. When added to a room, mirrors can give the illusion of depth where previously there was very little. Mirrors can visually expand spaces and are great tools for making small rooms look large. Visually enlarging spaces is not the only trick mirrors can perform; they reflect light thus multiplying the light in a room. Right before your very eyes a mirror can make a dark room look much brighter. Dining rooms are an ideal place to use mirrors. The candle lights, the elegant chandelier, the beautiful place settings, a well-placed mirror will multiply this elegant ambience. You can also use mirrors to transfer color and images. Well-placed mirrors can be used to bring in colors and views from other locations into their space.  This sleight of hand can be just what you need to tie two adjacent rooms together or it can add a beautiful outdoor view to a room that doesn’t naturally have one. Learn to master the magic of mirrors!   


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